' Chimney Rock - Sauvignon Gris

Sauvignon Gris

Sauvignon Gris bottle shot

New wine drinkers, especially those in the U.S., are quickly discovering the impressive worldwide diversity of wine grapes and winemaking styles. This thrills our team at Chimney Rock. Sauvignon Gris is an excellent example—a natural genetic variant of Sauvignon Blanc, this unique, copper-colored grape is a true rarity in Napa Valley.

Full of ripe tropical fruit aromatics and a sturdy mid-palate adept at complementing most foods, Sauvignon Gris is the cornerstone of Elevage Blanc, our ultra-premium white blend. By itself, Sauvignon Gris is a revelation…as full and rich as a Chardonnay, while still possessing the bright fruit aromatics of Sauvignon Blanc.



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