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2021 Sauvignon Gris Napa Valley

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In 2002 we planted 1.6 acres of a wonderful grape which is a viticultural rarity – Sauvignon Gris -- in Rutherford. This copper-toned grape is a close relative of Sauvignon Blanc and produces wines which are extremely aromatic and have great texture. It has a delicate blend of floral and tropical aromas. Usually this grape is used in our proprietary Elevage Blanc Bordeaux-style blend only. We love this grape so much we planted more of it on our Estate vineyard in Rutherford in 2017. These days the quality of the fruit is so extraordinary we can’t resist bottling a little Sauvignon Gris on its own to show its individual beauty.

The 2021 Sauvignon Gris shows generous aromas of peach, apricot with notes of lemon curd and pear. This alluring white wine is rich with stone fruit flavor, and medium bodied with lots of freshness, bright acidity, great viscosity and a long delightful finish
Vintage 2021
Varietal Sauvignon Gris
Size 750 ml