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Chimney Rock Kairos Caberent Sauvignon Stags Leap District 2008

Low yields and remarkably small berries produce a distinctive wine that is both intense, lushly textured and emphatically Kairos.
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Even a decade after its harvest, the 2008 Kairos still showcases dramatic depth and complexity; presenting an amazing example of how Stags Leap Cabernets can stand the test of time.

Vineyard Notes

Kairos is a stretch of well-drained benchland at the northern edge of the Chimney Rock estate, with shallow hard pan and gravel and loam soils that easily stress the vines. Thanks to decades of working with this exact plot of land, our vineyard and winemaking team is intimately aware of what efforts and techniques best harmonize with this unique location. The results are low yields and remarkably small berries, which produce a distinctive, nearly purple wine that is both intense, lushly textured and emphatically Kairos.

Production Notes

The 2008 vintage brought us some early frost challenges but a beautiful warm growing season. Consequently the yields were low and the quality extraordinary. This was the warmest vintage of the decade second only to 2004. In contrast to the 2007 wines, there is a slightly more elegant structure and, though the wines have beautiful aromatics, this vintage carries with it more nuance and less flash.
Vintage 2008
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Appellation Stags Leap District
Fermentation 28 days skin contact time
Alcohol % 14.00%
Size 750 ml