' Chimney Rock - Clone 4 Vineyard
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Clone 4 Vineyard

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Clone 4 Vineyard

The Clone 4 Vineyard stands as a prime example of the benefits of being an estate winery, and displays the magic that occurs when a deep knowledge of the soil is matched with meticulous vineyard care.

o is a stretch of well-drained benchland at the northern edge of the Chimney Rock estate, and the shallow hard pan and gravel and loam soils can easily stress any plantings. Thanks to decades of working with this exact plot of land, our vineyard and winemaking team is intimately aware of what efforts best harmonize with this unique location. Utilizing a naturally hardy Cabernet Sauvignon selection (Clone 4), a similarly resilient rootstock (101-14), and variable vine spacings along a Fletcher Lyre trellis, the team has optimized the relationship between soil depth and vine balance. The results are low yields and remarkably small berries, which produce a distinctive, nearly purple wine that is both intense, and lushly textured.

Already one of our finest blocks at a relatively young vine age, Cabernet Sauvignons from the Clone 4 Vineyard have quickly become some of the most popular wines at Chimney Rock. This special reflection of our estate is only available to members of our wine club and at the winery.
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