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Chimney Rock Arrowhead Cabernet Sauvignon Stags Leap District 2014

The winemaking team has devoted years to optimizing this diminutive little stretch of land, and the results are wondrous.
$118.00 per Bottle


 The planting of a new vineyard can sometimes feel a bit like the experience of unrequited love. The vintner gives unconditionally without return for several years. The focus on nuruturing the vines to establish their young roots, precludes the young vineyard from having to bear fruit. It is typical that a young vineyard will come into balance after five or six years so that at last it can reciprocate. In the meantime, there is waiting, yearing and hoping.

Tomahawk Vineyard was precocious in its generosity from the start. Planted in 2002, our winemaking team marveled at the quality of the fruit it set in 2006 and bottled the first Cabernet from this block. Since then, Tomahawk has matured and traveled to a place we never imagined. Join us in celebrating perfection.
Vintage 2014
Alcohol % 14.50%
Size 750 ml