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Chimney Rock Cabernet Franc 2014

 Although an under-rated varietal, we firmly believe that this single vineyard Cabernet Franc is wine that is bold enough to stand on its own.
$85.00 per Bottle


The definition of the word rebel reads as thus,“a person who resists authority, control or convention.” If we were to assign the role of rebel to one of the Bordeaux grape varieties, Cabernet Franc would most certainly land the part. It does not aim to please like Malbec and Merlot do with their friendly demeanor and approachability. And, unlike Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc does not dominate or take center stage with its might and power. Nor does it possess the punch and intensity of the tiny Petit Verdot grapes.

Cabernet Franc takes a more unconventional route. The strength of this grape is the complexity of its aromas, the multiple layers, and the subtle nuances. At Chimney Rock, our Shop Block Cabernet Franc is no different and in  2014 this vineyard produced extraordinary fruit. Enjoy this rebellious and delightful creation.

COLOR : Inky deep purple red

AROMA: This wine is abundant in aromas of fresh cherries and cola, along with delicate hints of vanilla, tobacco leaf and violets.

FLAVOR : On the palate, this wine is medium bodied with bold tannins, but possesses a round and lush mid palate and a long finish.

Vintage 2014
Varietal Cabernet Franc
Alcohol % 14.50%
Size 750 ml